"Mary's Questions and the Answer,"

by Eben

Without mothers, what would there be?

Not even a world to see?

Thank God for mothers,

they are God's gift.

So let's all join to give them a lift!

I think how Mary stood suffering by Christ's side,

she valiantly endured until her precious son died.

The questions thick flew around her bowed head,

dark and troubling despite all He had said.

"If he were God, why is He here,

shamed, condemned, with thieves hung near?"

"If he were God, he'd have the power

to crush the Romans and make them cower!"

"If he were God, this couldn't be,

he'd be the King for all to see!"

What was it she prayed, as her friends moaned and cried?

His disciples all fled, but she never denied.

Steadfast and true, she held fast to the end,

though His hurts she couldn't soothe,

nor the wounds in His body mend.

To lose her First-Born son in this terrible way,

she never could have guessed when he was a child at play.

Yet God had a Plan that was greaer than she knew,

Her son was risen gloriously, ascending on high,

and He rose Lord and Savior,

and she ceased to wonder, "Why?"

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